• Anan Saigon - Ăn ở chợ Cũ

Địa điểm: 89 Tôn Thất Đạm, Bến Nghé
Ngày đăng: 28.02.2018

Anan Saigon - Ăn ở chợ CũAnan Saigon - Ăn ở chợ Cũ
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The name of the restaurant is ănăn, which means ‘eat eat’. It is located in Chợ Cũ along Tôn Thất Đạm Street, a wet market right in the center of bustling Saigon. We specialize in street food-inspired dishes created by the award-winning chef Peter Cuong Franklin. Chef Peter’s creative new Vietnamese cuisine reflects his vision of a Vietnam that is deeply respectful of its history and traditions yet progressive and international in its outlook. He takes inspiration from the country’s vibrant food culture and uses fresh ingredients often sourced from local markets while incorporating French culinary techniques. The result is a focused menu of deeply flavorsome dishes







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